De Malabaricus Heritage Walk: A Journey Through the Historic Lanes of Tirurangadi

Reverberating the history of the conflicts against colonial invasion, the 'De Malabaricus' heritage walk has become a significant tribute. Organized as part of the Malabar Literature Festival, scheduled from November 30 to December 3, it is one of most anticipated events in Malabar hosted by Book Plus Publications. Led by Dr. Moyin Malayam, a historian and author, the expedition was a gathering of historians, authors, and researchers, including Arimbra Muhammad Master, Haneef Muniyoor, P.P. Muneer Master, and K.P. Asis Master, who contributed their historical insights about Thirurangadi’s heritage and culture. Visits were made to the heritage cites such as Hajoor Kacheri, Shuhada Makham in Muttichira-Cherur, Kaliyattakavu, ancestral homes in Mampuram, schools, the iconic Valiyappalli in Thirurangadi, and other culturally significant sites. The De Malabaricus, as the heritage walk was named, has explored historical regions such as Ponnani, Valapattanam, Kottungalloor, Thalankara, Thalassery, and Kannur City so far. The journey will continue through various centers in Kozhikode and Kondotty in the upcoming days.