The Malabar Literature Festival 2023 will be held on the first weekend of December at Kozhikode Beach

The Malabar Literature Festival (MLF) 2023 unveiled its official logo, signalling the countdown to one of the region's most anticipated literary events. The festival will take place on the first weekend of December, promising a stimulating celebration of literature, culture, and art. The launch event, held at the exquisite Kozhikode Raviz Kadavu, brought together eminent personalities from various fields, including literature, business, and cultural activism. The festival logo launch was conducted by Syed Munavwarali Shihab Thangal, Shaji AK (Chairman and Managing Director- Maiji) and Naufal Narikoli (Founder & CEO- Zaitoon Restaurant Group). The website was launched by KP Ramanunni, Sakeer (Marmar Italia), Masduque (CEO- Speak Easy English Academy) and KPM Mustafa (Chairman- KPM Tripantra Hotels Pvt Ltd), Nufail O.K. (Logo Brand), Afeef Hameed (Data Hex), Abdurrahman Mangad, P.T. Nasar, K.T. Hussain, and Najm Tabshir. The Malabar Literature Festival serves as a bridge between various communities, exploring their lives, politics, literature, culture, history, languages, journeys, and arts. It is a platform for distant lands, coasts, and harbours that have shared diverse relationships with Malabar over centuries. The festival's diverse agenda includes book discussions, interactions, dialogues, and cultural sessions. It focuses on unveiling the intricate facets of the lives of the Mappilas, Dalits, and marginalised communities, offering a profound understanding of their stories.* MLF 2023 promises a remarkable lineup of over two hundred international and national guests who will participate in various engaging sessions. Attendees can look forward to campus journeys, discussions, art workshops, heritage walks, food festivals, and book fairs, creating an enriching experience for all. BookPlus Publishers, the festival organisers, are dedicated to making the Malabar Literature Festival 2023 a memorable event that celebrates the rich literary heritage of Malabar and fosters cultural dialogues. Join us in this literary journey as we embrace the illustrious literary saga of Malabar and its timeless cultural conversations. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we count down to this extraordinary event.