M.B. Manoj Appointed as Festival Director of MLF

We are glad to announce that M.B. Manoj has assumed the role of Festival Director for the esteemed Malabar Literature Festival (MLF). With an illustrious background in literature, education, and cultural affairs, Mr. Manoj's appointment is a testament to MLF's commitment to excellence. M.B. Manoj, a distinguished author, academic, and advocate for the literary arts, brings his extensive knowledge and visionary leadership to MLF. His expertise promises to guide the festival toward greater literary heights, creating an environment that fosters creativity, intellectual discourse, and literary exploration. As Festival Director, M.B. Manoj will be instrumental in curating a diverse range of programs, engaging renowned authors and emerging talents, and offering audiences a rich literary experience. Under his capable stewardship, we anticipate a rewarding and inspirational journey through the world of words at the Malabar Literature Festival. We look forward to the profound impact that Festival Director M.B. Manoj will undoubtedly bring to MLF.