Malabar Literature Festival's Heritage Walk ‘De Malabaricus’ held at Valapattanam

The Heritage Walk as part of Malabar Literature Festival (MLF) started on Sunday at Valapattanam where the event witnessed participation of cultural and literary figures. Titled ‘De Malabaricus’, the walk heralded MLF, which is to be held from November 31 to December 3 at Kozhikode. At Valapattanam, the Heritage Walk was led by local historians and authors including Shihabuddin Poythumkadavu, Iyya Valapattanam and Ali Sayed. The walk covered the cultural, heritage and architectural sites including Chirakkal Kovilakam, Kakkulangara Palli, Manna Makham, and Kunnath Palli in Valapattanam. The participants engaged with local historians while exploring the local cuisine and the diverse cultural spots. The Heritage Walk is an integral part of MLF’s endeavour to celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Malabar. The next phases of the Heritage Walk will be held in Kozhikode, Kodungallur, Tirurangadi, Koyilandy and Thalassery where the participants will immerse in the cultural treasures of Malabar while interacting with local historians and heritage enthusiasts. MLF is an annual gathering that celebrates the rich tapestry of Malabar's language, literature, arts, culture, and international relations. It serves as a platform for diverse voices and ideas, bringing together a diverse array of authors and experts from around the world.