Kannur City and Thalassery Heritage Walks Bring History Alive as Prelude to Malabar Literature Festival

As a prelude to the highly anticipated Malabar Literature Festival (MLF), Book Plus Publishers conducted ‘De Malabaricus Heritage Walk’ in Kannur City and Thalassery. These walks served as a vibrant celebration of culture and history, inviting participants to immerse themselves in the heritage of these illustrious cities. In Kannur City, the Heritage Walk commenced at the Arakkal Museum, inaugurated by Abdurahman Munshi. Accompanied by skilled storytellers Muhammed Shihad and Haneefa Kurikkalakath, the walk journeyed through Moideen Palli, City Jumath Palli, Old Warehouses, and culminated at the picturesque Mappila Bay. Each location unfolded stories deeply intertwined with the region's history, regaling participants with vibrant narratives. Simultaneously, the Thalassery Heritage Walk commenced at the Thalassery Stadium, inaugurated by Prof. A P Zubair. A team of proficient storytellers including Muhammed Shihad, Suresh PK, and CKP Abdurahman Keyi guided participants through an exploration that started at Stadium Palli, continued through prominent landmarks such as the Herman Gundert Statue, Thalassery Fort, St. Anglican Church, Mampally Bakery, Thalassery Sea Bridge, and concluded at Oadathil Palli, after a journey through Thazhengadi Street. The Heritage Walks served as a magnificent prologue to the upcoming Malabar Literature Festival, set to grace Kozhikode Beach from November 30th to December 3rd. The festival promises to be a convergence of literary marvels, cultural exchanges, and intellectual discussions, with an array of renowned authors and literary enthusiasts anticipated to attend.